We feel that the best way to get feedback is from our members and to that end we’d like to ask whether you’re interested in joining a small group for about 2 hours on three separate occasions during the year?

The agenda and some questions will be supplied and the sessions chaired by a member of the committee.

Briefly, the get-togethers have been labelled as a ‘think tank’ and will be held in a meeting room at WAAPA during a week-day, for approximately two hours, in two to three-monthly intervals.

The only requirements are to be a financial member of the Friends of the Academy, and to be prepared to think laterally and to explore new ideas for fundraising and membership.

If you feel that you fit the bill and would like to participate, send an email with your name and a short note of about 100 or 150 words outlining why you’d like to be part of the Friends ‘think-tank’ for 2018.

The closing date for submissions will be Saturday 16 June at 9.00 am.

PLEASE NOTE: That only submissions via email will be accepted. Send emails to kevin@bellamy.com.au