These orders shall be read in conjunction with the Rules of the Friends of the Academy Incorporated 2016 (thereafter known as FoA) and shall not supersede any rule of that document.




1.1       A grant may assist with expenses for an industry secondment; payment towards a Showreel, or for financial difficulty and need;

1.2       Any final year undergraduate student of WAAPA may be eligible for a grant from the FoA;

1.3       The FoA Committee may consider an application for a Grant from a postgraduate/honours student if that application complies with Clause 1.5;


1.4       Grants are offered providing there are sufficient funds available to fulfil the request, and the student is considered to be of good standing by Edith Cowan University.

  • Grants are given to assist students with –
  • obligatory secondments;
  • expenses for intrastate, interstate or overseas travel;
  • offsetting the cost-of-living expenses, including accommodation;
  • loss of wages;
  • attending interviews/auditions to obtain work in their field;
  • Showreel assistance will be considered where the Showreel is a compulsory component of a student’s course;

1.6       Grants may be given to students other than final year students so long as they are undergraduates, at the discretion of the FoA Committee;

1.7       No student shall be entitled to more than one grant per course.

Exception: If a grant of aid has been given to an individual student at any time during their course because of extenuating circumstances, that student is entitled to apply for a grant in their final year, providing that application complies with Clause 1.5;

1.8       Annual Lump Sum Grants:

(i)         Aboriginal Performance:

The Aboriginal Performance group will receive an annual donation, payable to ECU in March of each year.

The amount allocated will be dependent on available FoA funds.




2.1       Grant applications close on 31 October each year;

2.2       An application must be made prior to the commencement of a secondment, attendance at an interview, audition or performance being undertaken; or prior to final date for payment of Showreel;

2.3       Students who are eligible for a grant and who are travelling locally in WA, interstate or overseas for their secondment, must complete their secondment before a grant will be paid.

The student must provide the Committee with proof of their attendance at the secondment

e.g., a letter signed by the Company representative or the Course Coordinator;

2.4       The provision of proof to the Friends of completion of the secondment is the responsibility of the student;

2.5       If that proof is not supplied by the student within 30 days of the completion of the secondment, the grant is then forfeited and no payment will be made;

2.6       A student may submit a request for another grant if their secondment has been cancelled;

2.7       Approved grants cannot be carried over into the following year, that is the secondment must be completed in the year of graduation;


2.8       The total amount set aside for student grants in any one year shall be as determined, or

varied and agreed to from time to time by a majority decision of the full FoA Committee;

2.9       The current Grant allocation for individual grants is a maximum of $250 for a

one-year course, and a maximum of $500 for a two-year course, up to a maximum of $750

for three and four-year courses;


2.10      Dependent on availability of funds, the FoA Committee may provide a grant for a lesser                            amount;

2.11      Grants are not issued for tuition fees.



3.1       Committee meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. In order to be considered, applications must be received NO LATER THAN the 1st Wednesday in the month. Applications received after this date will be held over for the following month’s meeting;

3.2       Grant application forms are electronic and available online from the FoA website;

Application for an Individual Grant | Friends of the Academy

3.3       Grant applications must be submitted to the FoA Committee on the electronic Application for an Individual Grant, which is to be completed in full and endorsed by the appropriate Head of Department or Course Coordinator;

3.4       Only fully completed applications signed by the applicant and the Course Coordinator or Head of Department will be considered by the FoA Committee. Scanned or photocopied documents and digital or electronic signatures are not acceptable;


3.5       Grant payments will not be made to any student unless personal bank details are provided. i.e., Name of Bank, BSB code, Account Number and Name of the account holder;

3.6       Valid semester and email addresses are essential. Failure to provide this information may result in delayed submission of an application to the Committee for consideration;

3.7       A grant will only be given to a student after the application has been ratified by a majority decision of the FoA Committee;

3.8       If the grant is approved, it is expected that the financial assistance from the FoA will be acknowledged in any promotional material.


In the event that a student does not attend their proposed secondment / interview / audition, or performance etc.

4.1       the FoA must be advised in writing within fourteen (14) days of the cancellation by the Student, Head of Department, the Course Coordinator or accompanying WAAPA staff member;


4.2       the grant is not transferrable to any other performance, project or individual;

4.3       that student may reapply for a grant at a later date, providing the application is in keeping with

Clause 2.2.



             5.1      This Grant may affect a student’s Centrelink or other payment;

5.2      It is incumbent upon each student to disclose to Centrelink the receipt of a Grant from the FoA.



  • All decisions made by the Committee of the Friends of the Academy are final.