Welcome to the Friends of the Academy

Friends of the Academy, that is. We’d love to encourage you to become part of the community that supports the WAAPA students of today to become the stars of tomorrow – and leaders in the art world.

The Friends of the Academy organisation exists to provide grants to WAAPA students. A very active committee manages the allocation of grants to the students for essential help in gaining access to their chosen industry and helping support overseas trips – an invaluable experience.

We support those grants through memberships of the Friends of the Academy, special Friends nights at WAAPA, hosting behind-the-scenes tours of the Academy, and holding barbecues and drinks at WAAPA’s annual Open Day.

Those Friends memberships do even more than help the graduating students – they buy YOU Friends’ discounts for tickets, early notification to new performances, and therefore your favourite seats at your chosen shows. Bonus! We offer onstage Q&As after the Friends’ performances, so you can give feedback and have your questions answered.

As a financial member of the Friends, you’ll also be kept up-to-date about student successes – it’s nice to go and see fabulous graduates in shows when they’re in town. Another plus – you will be sent email updates about WAAPA’s upcoming performances and concerts.